Kids Wooden and Vinyl Swing Sets

Horning's Country Store offers wooden and vinyl swing sets and playsets by King Swings, which are built in Lancaster County, PA. Our vinyl and wood swings sets are built with quality, long-lasting materials and carry a lifetime warranty. Swing sets can be added to any of our playsets. Safety is important to us, so our swing sets are constructed with non-toxic materials that will not harm your children.

Custom Playground Sets to Fit Your Kid’s Needs

During the warmer seasons, it’s important to get your children away from their digital screens. If you’re looking for ways to get your children off the couch and into the great outdoors, look no further, we have your solution. Our wide variety of custom swing sets will fit your child’s unique wants and needs.

Our vinyl swing sets offer a high quality of craftsmanship. Our selection includes a Large, Medium, and Small series which include a Space Shuttle, Pirate Ship, and Teddy Bear series. All of these custom swing sets can include slides, swings, and forts.Some examples of the high-quality craftsmanship in these swing sets include composite decking, durable heat resistant plastic, and smooth non-fading vinyl surfaces. You will not only have an accent piece that compliments your home, but your kids will be eager to be outside all summer long! Get ready for your kids to build their own adventure in an children's swing set.

For more information on these vinyl swing sets, contact us today!

Get Your Backyard Playground Today

If you’re looking for the perfect way to get your kids some fresh air this summer, a wooden or vinyl swing set is the way to go! No matter what size, color, or theme you’re most interested in, our custom swing sets by King Swings will fit all of your needs plus more. Your children will be provided with a lifetime of laughs without making a huge dent in your bank account!

So… what are you waiting for? Call or visit us today for your brand-new Amish made swing set!

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