Bulk Food & Health Foods in Dauphin County

We sell a wide variety of bulk foods and health foods at our country store in Lykens, PA. Unlike most wholesale clubs, we don't force our customers to buy prepackaged foods in few sizes and quanities just to take advantage of the lower price. At Horning's Country Store, we buy the food in bulk then break it down into variety manageable sizes for you to purchase. This gives you the freedom to not only choose what product to purchase, but the quantity as well, all while enjoying the benefits of our lower prices!

Excellent Choices in Bulk Food and More


Are you on the lookout for outstanding choices in bulk food items in the Lykens, Pennsylvania area? If your response is yes, then you need to stop by our country store right away. Horning's Country Store is a haven for people who want to invest in the greatest health foods and bulk foods. When you need a bulk food store that counts, you need Horning's Country Store in your life, period. We stand out due to the fact that we differ from the vast majority of wholesale clubs out there right now. We never give shoppers no option but to purchase food items that are prepackaged. If you don't want to have to purchased prepackaged things that are accessible in a handful of size categories, then you'll fall rapidly in love with our bulk food store. We're an Amish food store that revolves around more than just inexpensive price tags. That's because we're also one that concentrates on positive food shopping experiences in general.

Types of Delectable Food Offerings


Horning's Country Store is a sanctuary for people who are looking for health food. If you want to prepare meals and snacks that are nutritious, filling and enjoyable in general, we have so many things you'll absolutely adore. If you want access to the greatest Amish bakery in the area, you'll appreciate our store. If you want access to all sorts of ingredients that can streamline all of your cooking and baking duties, you'll appreciate our shop all the same.

People who are enthusiastic about Dutch Valley Foods won't be able to turn away from our shop's plentiful offerings. It doesn't matter if you have a penchant for dried fruits, dark chocolate, dips, dairy items, yogurt, grains, flour, seeds, nuts, gravies, soups, beans, sweeteners, cereal or anything else. You'll be able to locate all kinds of products that can make your day. Our customers come to us for condiments, pickled products, pasta, jelly, seasonings, spices and cheeses. When you need Dutch Valley Foods of all varieties, we won't disappointment you in any manner.

The Delights of a Bona Fide Amish Bakery


Are you a fan of baked goods that are fresh? Most people are. No matter what kind of baked goods you need in your life, our country store's bakery can accommodate you 110 percent. We dazzle customers with all of the finest options in pies, cakes, breads, sweet rolls, pastries and cookies. If you're waiting for delicious dinner rolls for your next meal at home, our store can please you. If you're trying to find five-star pumpernickel bread or anything else along those lines, our shop can make you feel fantastic.

Contact Horning's Country Store For Your Bulk Food Needs


If you want to buy bulk candy without spending a lot of money, then you can trust our country store. If you want to purchase health food that epitomizes terrific value, you can trust our country store just as enthusiastically. We make shopping for bulk foods in and around Lykens a walk in the park for the members of our customer base. Call or stop by Horning's Country Store as soon as possible for an incredible shopping journey!

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